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Testex Prolongatum 2ml vial

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Size Guide
Size Guide
Waist (cm)64687276
Chest (cm)81858993
Seat (cm)899397101
Inseam (cm)81828384


How to Take Clothing Measurements

  1. Get a flexible measuring tape. These are often sold in craft stores
  2. Neck:
    • Measure around the base of the neck in inches.
    • Round up to the nearest half inch.
  3. Chest:
    • Wrap tape measure under armpits around fullest part of chest (usually right above nipples
  4. Sleeve:
    • Bend your elbow and rest your hand on your hip.
    • Have someone measure from the middle of the back of your neck to your wrist by putting the tape measure over your shoulder, around your elbow and to your wrist.
  5. Waist:
    • Wrap tape measure around where you normally wear your pants. Keep tape measure a little loose by keeping a finger between the tape measure and your waist.
  6. Inseam:
    • Put on a pair of shoes.Have someone measure from your crotch to back of the heel, where you want your pants to end.
  7. Hands:
    • Measure around the hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb). The number of inches shows the size of the glove.

Testosterone Cypionate is part of the injectable steroids category, being the most used steroid by Americans. Testosterone Cypionate is active in the body for a long time bringing considerable gains in mass and strength. Testosterone Cypionate is in the body for a long time is injected weekly with a dose of 200 mg and 800 mg weekly. Little secrets of maximum importance during the time of the steroid cure. During the cure it is very important to eat at least 3 protein meals / day, sleep until 12 o'clock and sex at most once a week because ejaculation eliminates all synthetic and natural growth hormones of the body, these information is provided exclusively by www.steroizi.com. Protein meals consist of fish (pangasius, trout, mackerel, salmon), low-fat dairy and whey milk is essential to increase muscle mass, sour milk has the highest concentration of whey protein. Like other products with high protein concentration is the chicken breast which has the highest protein concentration in meat, soy, beans these vegetables have a very high protein concentration, rice is vital for bodybuilders every day it is necessary to consume expanded and normal. Essential nutrition during the steroid cure! Fruits are essential because they contain very important antioxidants during steroid use, antioxidants in addition to being vital to the body, play an important role in training energy and muscle tone. An apple a day is minimum enough for the body to take its antioxidants. necessary. Chocolate many run away from it but has an important role during the steroid cycle for muscle mass and not only normal chocolate can be taken only by those who want to put on fast muscle mass, dark chocolate instead can be consumed by those who use cycles for weight loss because it is low in carbohydrates Training during the cycle with steroids As a training during the rapid accumulation of muscle mass a workout is done with heavy weights the muscle is forced until you feel a burning sensation. few exercises with very high weights, while at the definition cycle many exercises are done with lighter weights and with high intensity (fast movements).

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